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Accelerating New Therapies

We are accelerating solutions by driving collaboration instead of competition through the Vascular Cures Research Network and Biobank. VCRN will enable researchers around the world to develop diagnostic tests and therapies based on individual biology and genetics. Learn more here.


Vascular Cures Acquires VDF

Vascular Cures acquired The Vascular Disease Foundation (VDF) in October 2014. VDF was founded in 1998 to provide resources to patients, raise awareness and educate the general public and medical professionals. Our acquisition of the Vascular Disease Foundation not only makes us the only national organization representing the millions of patients with diseases of the vascular system outside the heart, but it is one more step to accomplish our mission to provide resources, information and education to patients with vascular disease. To learn more about Vascular Cures' programs click here.


Engaging Patients

Project VOICE is the first online vascular community and integrated database of patient-reported and clinical outcomes. We are the catalyst for innovation partners to share unique resources to improve patient care. Learn more aout Project VOICE here. We sustain breakthrough research through the Wylie Scholar career development award. We've established a group of 17 surgeon-scientists at 15 institutions around the country who are transforming patient care. Learn more about the Wylie Award here.