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Keeping in Circulation Archive

Vascular Cures acquired certain electronic publications from the Vascular Disease Foundation (VDF) when it ceased operations in 2014. Paper copies are no longer available. VDF published a patient magazine called "Keeping in Circulation" through fall 2011/winter 2012. If you would like to access archive copies that are full of educational information, click on the links below.  These files require Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Acrobat Winter 2012 Save a Heart - Quit Smoking and Improve Your Vascular Health

Acrobat Fall 2011 Living Well with PAD

Acrobat Summer 2011 Living with Vascular Disease

Acrobat Spring 2011 When it Comes to DVT, Knowledge is Power

Acrobat Winter 2010 The Maestro who Mastered Vasculitis

Acrobat Summer/Fall 2010 The Faces of Vascular Disease

Acrobat Spring 2010 Pilot Study Shows Promise for New Exercise Treatment for PAD

Acrobat Winter 2010 Tonsillectomy Uncovers a Genetic Predisposition for Blood Clots

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