About Vascular Cures

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Vascular Cures is the only 501(c)3 nonprofit organization representing the millions of patients with Vascular Disease in the U.S. We focus on creating long-term, shared resources that accelerate development of new treatments and improve patient health.

Vascular Cures transforms vascular health by being a catalyst for collaboration


We accelerate results through a three pronged approach.

We have created a pipeline of innovators. Through our early career development awards, Wylie Scholars go on to have a lifetime of impact through research, clinical practice, and mentoring. These awards enable them to achieve follow-on research funding – averaging a 19:1 return on our investment. Learn more here.

We are catalysts for collaboration to create novel research resources. The Vascular Cures Research Network and Biobank is a unique consortium creating the first national repository of vascular samples and data from thousands of patients. This biobank will be used to advance precision medicine by developing diagnostic tests and therapies targeting the unique biology of individuals.

We are creating new forms of patient-centered research. As an unbiased non-profit without proprietary interests, we create a non-competitive space for collaborators to share proprietary research assets and expertise through our Vascular Care to Cure Continuum. Unique collaborative projects are suddenly possible – yielding results in years instead of decades. The first program is Project VOICE, bringing the patient into the center of the healthcare conversation to improve outcomes.

Vascular Cures is a public benefit, charitable foundation, under the Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(3); ID #94-2825216. For 990 forms and financial information click here.

What is Vascular Disease?

Vascular disease is an abnormal condition of the blood vessels. Arteries and veins are the crucial highways of the body, that pump blood throughout the body. Problems along this vast network of blood vessels, called the vascular system, can cause severe disability and death. Vascular diseases include atherosclerosis, peripheral artery disease (PAD), stroke, aneurysms, and hypertension, among others.

Although deaths from heart attacks are declining, there is an epidemic of vascular disease, in part due to aging and skyrocketing diabetes and obesity. PAD alone affects 200 million people worldwide and increased by 25% in the last decade.

Vascular Cures Research Network and Biobank Vascular Care to Cure Continuum Project Voice - Engaging Patients to Improve Outcomes Wylie Scholar Award



Vascular Cures invests in breakthrough treatments for vascular disease. For almost 30 years, Vascular Cures has funded research to transform human health. As an entrepreneurial non-profit, Vascular Cures specifically designs its programs to speed the process of getting results to patients.

  • We multiply your investment. Vascular Cures' initial research investment of $8 million has enabled another $42 million in funding – producing $50 million for research. Our lean organization insures that donor investments are used both efficiently and effectively. Learn more here.

  • We have the best team. We have attracted extraordinary world-class experts to our Scientific Advisory Board, who provide active leadership in multiple disciplines. Their involvement is a testament to their belief in the immense potential of our projects and their urgency. Our Board of Directors includes highly accomplished leaders in healthcare, business, and medicine.

Vascular Cures is a public benefit, charitable foundation, under the Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(3); ID #94-2825216.